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Department of Veterans Affairs Opioid Prescribing Data

    In keeping with the Department of Veterans Affairs effort to be the most transparent agency in government, VA will begin publicly posting information on opioids dispensed from VA pharmacies along with VA’s strategies to appropriately and safely...

    Economic Opportunities for Veterans

      The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a mission to help Veterans maximize their economic competitiveness and thus, increase the number of economic opportunities for Veterans and their families.

      2014 Minority Veteran Report

        Over the past 30 years, racial and ethnic minorities have entered the military in ever-increasing numbers. Ultimately, they will make the transition from Servicemember to Veteran.

        National Veteran Health Equity Report

          The [National Veteran Health Equity Report]( "National Veteran Health Equity Report") details patterns and provides comparative rates of health conditions for vulnerable Veteran groups. The report allows...